Rustic beads

I was out looking for materials for my new line of jewelry and came across the prettiest beads. I found some handcrafted brass beads from Africa, each one is irregular in shape. The other beads were made of recycled glass which are also irregular in shape which makes them even more amazing. I was drawn to the colors of amber, aubergine and charcoal grey. I just love how the glass beads were re-made into beads from broken glass. Whatever I make with them will carry the energy of reformation and transformation. I’m so excited to have found them and to make my new pieces of jewelry.


My collection of recycled glass, and brass beads.


Close-up of the recycled aubergine and amber colored beads.


Close-up of the handcrafted African brass beads.


My first smudge fan creation


Finished my first smudge fan. I gathered and cut eucalyptus branches and made it into the handle of the fan. I collect feathers and within my stash found some pretty pheasant feathers, the most beautiful dark blue goose feathers, green mossy colored rooster feathers, some natural colored rust rooster feathers and lastly a classic peacock feather. The leather wrapped around the hand is recycled from a leather sample for upholstery. I accented the handle with two faced grey diopisde stones which is amazing for grounding and connecting with the earth. The bottom stone is that of a clear quartz for magnifying the intentions set using the fan. The stones are attached to the handle using copper wire, I’m hoping the copper will patina for a well used look.  I’m looking forward to making more fans and welcome anyone to make a special request to add to your magical tools. You can order this piece or make a special request on my etsy site.

Lavender Moon Bath Salts

I created my first set of Bath salts and I’m loving the benefits of them. The scent is Lavender Moon which is a combination of Lavender and Spearmint with just a touch of  Jojoba Oil. The Lavender naturally releases the feelings of happiness, harmony, tranquility, peace and love. It helps with balance and healing. Spearmint has a lot of the same qualities and when combined you can rest assure that you’ll have a restful sleep when soaking in a bath just before bed. I used Bokek® Dead Sea Salt which contains 10 times more mineral than regular sea salt. Our bath salts help with cleansing and detoxifying the body. You can purchase Lavender Moon on our etsy page.

Lavender Moon Bath Salts

Lavender Moon Bath Salts



I’ve been on the look out for making different smudges and found some great inspiration. Turns out they’re a ton of different smudges available. I love the idea of making my own. My plan will be to start my own herb garden from which I will be drying herbs into wonderful little bundles to make my very own smudges, don’t worry I’ll make them available on my esty site for all to enjoy. Here are the wonderful pieces I found so far.

Here's a great set of three: Sage, Mugwort and Cedar.

An awesome set of three: Sage, Mugwort and Cedar.

Source: Juniper Ridge

I think this photo just captures the essence of smudging, so pretty.

I think this photo just captures the essence of smudging, so pretty. NI’m not quite sure what herbs are used here.

Source: Cosmic American

I think these win for being the most pretty smudges. It's a smudge of Lavender, Rosemary and roses. Which helps with peace, harmony and restful sleep.

I think these win for being the most pretty smudges. It’s a smudge of Lavender, Rosemary and Roses. Which helps with peace, harmony and restful sleep.


Source: The Sage Goddess